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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it hurt?

Most people most find it to be relatively painless while some people experience minor discomfort during the microshading process . Numbing cream is also used during appointments to help if a client is more sensitive. Client's describe the feeling as "annoying but bearable" and I often hear "oh, thats all?" once I start the procedure. Don't worry! 

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?  

When booking your appointment online you will have the option to pay with Debit/credit, Paypal or AfterPay. Your appointment balance can be paid in person with Cash, Debit/credit, Paypal,  Zelle or Afterpay. 

Q: What exactly is microshading?

Microshading, also known as Powder Brows and Ombre Brows, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby shading is added along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape, or create a fuller looking appearance to the brows. The procedure entails the use of a cosmetic tattoo gun and needle, which is dipped into a pigment that has been matched to natural hair color and skin tone. 


Q: What is the difference between Microshading and Microblading? 

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure using a tiny blade and a hand tool to create hair like strokes that mimic real hair. Microshading (also known as Powder Brows and Ombre Brows) is a less invasive semi permanent service done using a needle to create a more filled-in, makeup looking, ombre brow instead of strokes. Microshading lasts significantly longer than microblading and is becoming the more popular option of the two. 

Q. Do you offer MicroBlading? / What are Combination Brows?

 I do not offer full Microblading BUT I do offer Combination Brows. Combination brows are MicroShading + Nano strokes combined. Nano strokes are similarto MicroBlading strokes  but it is done with the machine instead of a tiny blade as mentioned above. 

Q: How long does the appointment take? 

The first appointment takes about 2 hours to complete. Your 8-10 week touch up appointment will  take about 1 hour to complete.


Q: How often will I need to return for a touch-up? 

The process consists of two main appointments, the first appointment and the touch up appointment scheduled 8-10 weeks after. After the 8-10 week touch up I suggest scheduling yearly touch ups or "color boost" appointments. 



Q: How long will my brows last? 

Skin types, age and daily activity play a major role in the longevity of your semi-permanent brows application. Most eyebrows application will last 1-2 years, while others may last longer. Please note that since the pigment is not implanted as deep as a traditional tattoo, your pigment will fade gradually until it eventually fades away.  For your brows application to remain sharp, I suggest scheduling a touch-up appointment yearly. 


Q: Why do I have to wait 8-10 weeks to get my first touch-up?

The perfection session is done at 8-10 weeks to allow the skin optimal time to heal and reduce the chance of infection, scarring, and other wound related complications.  


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